• Design and operation of bitumen and petroleum refinery units

  • Bitumen and paraffin filling machine

  • Wooden pallets

    Production of wooden pallets in standard dimensions

  • metal shelf

    Production of metal shelves in standard dimensions

  • jumbo-bag

    Production of jumbo-bags in standard dimensions

Petropoyesh Mahan Jey Engineering Company with the aim of designing and executing bitumen operational units as well as manufacturing various types of automatic jumbo filling machines, as well as manufacturing and preparing suitable materials for cheap and basic packaging, including making wooden pallets and making standard metal shelves in bulk. And has been established cost-effectively.

Design and construction of bitumen refinery units

Investing in the production and construction of bitumen refineries in oil-rich countries, as well as suppliers of bitumen (VB) raw materials, is very profitable, and due to the growing need of developed countries for road construction, investing in this sector is more exciting. .

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